• The TRUTH. You never know.

    Almost all trading platforms are defvcting money in every transaction

    you make. It's like stealing money from your pocket.

    and you don't even notice that.

  • You are asking how your money was deducted??

    There is two major methods how to deduct money.

  • Handling fee

    All foregin exchange trading plading platforms will charge users a handling fee.

    Every time you trade, the platform will deduct money from you.

    IF you are charged $50 per lot.

    After 100 lots, you have lost $5,000.

  • Huge spread

    you may have seen platforms that do not charge fees. but what you don't know

    is that they set huge spread. And it will give you no hope of winning.

    If you don't even know the spread. That's readlly pititful.

  • That's NOT all

    Ther are many technique to make your hard labour disappear in the wind.

    You are actually being manipulated by these platforms!!

  • R24 determined to change all of this.

    Therefore, we launched the "R24 Wealth Creation Project".

    95% of the profits of our platforms will be distributed to ours users.

    In addition, there ara a variety of generous dividends.

  • First. On the R24 platform

  • All handling fees are returned!

    and, the spread is extreamly low and close to 0!

    yes!! you read that reght all handling fees are returned and the spread is close to 0!

  • Not anly that.

    As long as you participate in our promotion, we also set up an extra huge Bonus!

    According to this bonus plan, you can earn millions of dollars in R24.

    This is the "R24 wealth project plan"!

  • R24 wealth Creation Project

    simply means that R24 will share the company's profits with all users.

  • There are 4 specitic sharing modes:

    1:Invitation Dividends: once you invite new users to register, you can get Inviite Dividends.

    It shall be calculated accourding to the corresponding proportion within 5 levels.

    2:Double Dividends: once you achieve the corresponding performance, the "Invite Dividends" amount

    you receive will be doubled accordingly.

    3: Monthly Dividend: a fixed proportion of platform profit will be donated among the agents every month which

    will be displayed in real time. Finally, who got the winner in selection. just who will get the "Monthly Dividends".

    4:Group Dividend: users whose performance reaches the highest standard of market dividend can enjoy the

    dividendof R24 group's total operating profit.

    5:All divdend profit projects will be calculated equally and fairly.

  • When you meet the corresponding performance standars, your "invitation dividends" will be doubled accordingly.

    Example: your "invitation dividend" is $10,000 and you can get up to $15,000 after "double dividend".

  • Statistical period:

    Calculation is done on the last day of each month.

    Statistic range:

    The sum of the deposits of your whole team.

    What is Personal Effective Direct Invitation:

    Users (direct incitation) with a deposit more than $800, and who complited 3 lots transactions.

    class rise and fall:

    1:If you reach a certain class in the current month, you can calculate the commission according to the corresponding class.

    2:If you fail to meet the standard in the following month you will be automatically downgraded.

    3:If the lower-lecel class exceeds the upper-level class, the lower-level performance performance is not included inthe higher-level

    performance stantistice

  • Every month,we will count the total number of transactions on the entire platform. and the amount is displayed in real time.

    Example: in this month all users traded a total of 10,000 lots.

    The amount of "Monthly Dividend" is:

    10,000 * 3 USD per 1 lot = 30,000 USD.

    Note: With the expansion of the market, the dividend amount may

    reach hundreds of thousands of dollars!

  • Selection rules for winners of "Monthly Dividend":

  • The selection is based on rounds as it's indicated in the illustration.

  • For example:

    1. If there are 1,000 ysers with the same "user class",these 1,000 usrs will participate in the next selection.

    2. Among the selected 1,000 users at the same level, the one with the highest "Total sum of team net deposit"

    becomes the winner. If there are 10 queals, these 10 will enter the nexxt round of selection

    3. Among the 10 selected, the one with the highest "Total number of Team traded Lots" becomes the winner.

    If there are equals, continue to the next round of selection, And so on.

    4.Finally, if there still are equals after all the rounds, the multiple users will eually share the "Monthly Dividend" amount

  • If your Team Net deposit $500,000 per month, congratulations, R24 will give you a "Group dividend".

    From then on, you are R24's strategic partner and get the dividends of the total operating profit of the entire R24 Group!

    Note: The amount of this dividend is often measured in Millions of Dollars!

  • How to calculate your Invitation dividend?

    Example:If everyone invites 3 users to register (you can get unlimited number of users) and each user has trade 50 lots.

  • How to calculate your total net team deposit?

    If everyone invites 3 users to register (you can get unlimited number of users) and each user has a net deposit of $5000.

  • How to calculate your total amount of lots?

    If everyone invites 3 users to register (you can get unlimited number of users) and each user has traded 50 lots.

  • Of course, the result of this calculation is based on our example.

    - The real market share is infinitely huge, and the amount of dividends is also infinitely huge!

    - What if each persion invites 5 valid user? How about 10?

    - What if each user completes 100 lots? 200 lots?

    - What if each user deposits $10000? How about 50000?

    - Then the invitation Dividend, Double Dividend, Monthly Dividend will increase exponentially!

    In the end, these are all your income!

    - At this time, you have already become R24's strategic partner and get the total profit dividend of R24 Group!

  • This is the R24 Wealth Creation Project!!

    - In the coming year, the plan will be promoted in many countries and regions around the world.

    - R24 will support the promotion and operation of the marketing team.

    - Moreover,After turning these users into millionaires, R24 will launch the next bigger plan!

    - I hope you konw very well that this is a once-in-a-lifetiome opportunity for you !

    - The opportunity of millions of dollars is real. If you miss it, it's hard to have it again!

    - Come on ! As long as you join R24, you will open the door to wealth!

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