R24 recommends that every trader read the following carefully before participating in forex margin trading, clearly understand the risks existing in the market, and arrange trading activities reasonably under their own circumstances.

Margin trading: Margin financial derivatives and CFD trading have high risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Please carefully consider your trading purpose, financial status, and ability to bear risks. Your loss may exceed your initial investment amount. You should be aware of all risks related to margins before investing.

Account security

R24 will not obtain any trading password of clients in any name (financial management, trading, etc.).

R24 will not on behalf of clients for deposits and withdrawals in any case. All deposit and withdrawal requests are made voluntarily by the clients. Clients need to protect the security of their trading account passwords, and shall not disclose trading account numbers and passwords to third parties. If clients leaks or has other forms of cooperation with a third party other than R24, the clients shall bear the risks that may arise, which has nothing to do with R24.

Market risk

During the holidays, market conditions may fluctuate violently, the liquidity of banks may be insufficient, and the trades may be congested, resulting in slippage, spread widening, and order rejection. In order to avoid uncontrollable losses, R24 adopts a straight-through floating spread trading mode. The data and risk events may cause the market to be instantaneous, rapid, and substantial fluctuations, and the market liquidity is severely insufficient.R24 cannot guarantee that all the clients' pending orders, preset stop-loss and take-profit orders are triggered at the clients' preset points, nor can it ensure that the ratio of liquidation will be executed accurately, as well as the stop-out due to insufficient funds available in the account and spread widening.

R24 reminds you to pay attention to the net value of the account and the occupied margin in time, and take appropriate countermeasures for risk control.

Stop out

When the prepayment ratio (net value / used prepayment * 100%) of the R24 account is less than or equal to 50%, It will touch the system's stop-out conditions, and the system will start to stop out from the order with the largest loss until the prepayment ratio of the account returns to the normal level. Since the price of the financial derivatives market is discontinuous, the actual stop-out ratio may not be equal to 50%. In the fast-moving market, the account equity after stop-out may be negative. R24 will not be responsible for any stop-out caused by market factors, nor will not compensate for it.

Hedged position

R24 Hedged position is without occupying the margin. When the net value is lower than the margin, the prepayment ratio is less than 50% of our stop-out ratio, which will trigger the system to stop out. Traders need to consider the impact of market volatility, exchange rate changes, and overnight interest rates on their net value. The trader should also consider the effect of spread widening on their net equity.

Spread widening

R24 provides floating spread trading mode; orders are executed straightly in the market; in general, the spread fluctuations are relatively stable. However, the spread may widen due to uncertain factors in the direction of the price or market volatility, or lack of market liquidity, which usually appears when the market is opened at the beginning or nearly closed, relevant economic data is announced, and market volatility is severe. The moment the spread widens, the account equity may decrease instantly. If the equity is lower than or equal to the margin, the system will trigger a stop-out of the position. In order to avoid such situations, please carefully check the trading account and the established positions to ensure that the trading account has sufficient margin to survive such events.

Trade execution

R24 uses STP trading mode; we cannot guarantee that all orders of traders can be executed at the specified price, especially in the fast-moving market and the price fluctuates violently. Due to the complexity of the financial derivatives market, it may lead to a large deviation between the actual price and the set price. In some cases, it may even happen that liquidity providers reject orders. The trader's trading status is the real market situation. R24 ensures that the trader's order is executed in a fair market quotation environment.


R24 has the right to adjust the swap based on the data provided by the liquidity provider. If you need to hold the position overnight, please check the overnight interest of the product you own in the MT4 trading software.

EA trading

EA trading system is a fully automatic intelligent trading tool running on MT4. R24 does not allow and will not provide any EA officially, only execute trade orders issued by the trader's terminal. Traders should carefully check their EA settings to understand the principles and risks of EA operation. R24 will not undertake any arising losses and risks.

Online trading risk

There are certain risks in using online trading execution system. Trading execution may be delayed due to hardware failures, software failures, and network system connection issues. In some cases, due to the weak signal strength, the trader ’s terminal connection fails to maintain a stable relationship with our server. Such network problems require you to contact the network provider for a solution.

Asset management

R24 only provides a full range of professional online trading platforms for users. The news, research, analysis, and other information provided by R24 official website, public account, and other official forms should be regarded as general market information, which is for reference only and cannot be considered as investment advice. R24 will not be responsible for losses caused by traders using or relying on these materials directly or indirectly. Like all brokers, R24 does not provide any form of wealth management or asset management business. We only objectively provide quotations for various financial derivatives and advise traders not to trust others. R24 shall not be responsible for the gain or loss caused by any form of wealth management and asset management business.

Risk warning: Forex and CFD products have market risks, and leverage products may not be suitable for all clients. Please read our risk statement and Legal documents and Terms of Business .