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About Forex and R24
What is forex >
Forex is mainly divided into static and dynamic. It is mainly the same as the definition of the currency itself: value scale and means of payment. It is the same for forex.
Dynamics: forex refers to a specialized business activity that converts the currency of one country into the currency of another country to settle the debts and bonds of international relations.
Static: forex refers to foreign currencies or payment methods expressed in foreign currencies that can be used for international settlement,such as bank deposits, commercial drafts, bank checks, foreign government bonds, foreign banknotes, etc.
Therefore, dynamic forex refers to an exchange behavior that has occurred or is taking place, while static forex refers to a payment method that can be settled, which can occur but has not yet occurred.
Is forex a fair market? >
Forex market refers to the place or network for forex trades.
The international forex market is a globally integrated market that operates 24 hours a day. The main participants are central banks, forex banks, brokers, clients, mainly for the purchase and sale between local currencies and foreign currencies, and among different currencies.
All forex rates are publicly quoted by the country’s national monetary institution, which is authoritative and transparent.
Simultaneously, according to the latest statistics of the Bank for International Settlements, the average daily trade volume of the international forex market is about 1.5 trillion US dollars. There are many participants and substantial trade volumes. It is difficult for individuals or institutions to control such a big product market trend. No matter how many individual investors participate in the forex market, their impact is minimal.
Therefore, the forex market is a recognized fair market.
Why choose R24? >
R24 is an international forex broker with offices and service centers in the United Kingdom, Seychelles, and Malaysia, providing more than sixty financial derivatives such as forex, index, crude oil, and precious metals to global traders. It provides multi-lingual 24/7 retail and institutional services to many countries and regions such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Based on the idea that trading starts with trust, it provides traders with capital security, extremely low spreads, an excellent and stable trading environment, and various activities support.
It first sets up point mall in the industry, one trade, endless rewards,and pays tribute to the quality of life of traders.
R24 adopts a client-centric operating model and employs financial executives with years of experience in leading international investment banks, derivatives and hedge funds to provide clients with a stable trading environment, luxurious trading products, and the most competitive trading cost, as well as the safe and convenient capital experience and 24 hours uninterrupted client service.
It makes continuous development and innovation, provides safe, fast, and efficient trading services and customized solutions for global traders, and is committed to becoming the most trusted forex service provider for global traders.
Since its establishment in 2015, R24 has won many awards at home and abroad, such as "Most Potential Forex Broker", "Most Trusted Broker by Client", "Best Service Broker", "Most Trusted Platform by Investors", "Most Honest Forex Broker of the Year" and so on.
About Certification Materials Required for Account Opening
What certification materials do I need to provide to open an account on R24? >
1. Identity certificate for opening an account: ID card (front and back)
2. Proof of personal address for opening an account: account book, driving license, utility bill, phone bill, bank statement, tax bill, telecommunications business bill.
Proof of address: The public utility document with your name, address, and date of issue must be a bright color copy in the form of a scan or digital photo. The address certificate must be stamped, and the issuance's time must be within the past six months.
3. Personal mobile phone number for account opening: To ensure the security of your information and funds, please make sure that the mobile phone number for account opening is your real-name authentication mobile phone number in the telecom business office.
4. Bank card: R24 only supports bank cards under clients’real name for deposit and withdrawal when opening an account.
In addition to the passport, are other documents acceptable to open an account? >
Both the passport and the ID card can be used as proof of identity. When the passport is used as proof of identity, the ID card can be used as proof of address.
Why do I need to upload information for account opening? >
all operations of R24 are performed . , valid ID cards, and recent (within six months) address proof.
If my first account has been authenticated, do I need to re-authenticate the materials if I open an account again? >
If your first account has been authenticated, there is no need to re-authenticate when opening an account later.
Can I change my personal information?>
You can modify the email address, mobile phone number, bank card information in your personal information.
If you need to modify the above information, send your requests in the prescribed format, using the same mailbox as the account opening to the Greater China Customer Service department to apply for a modification.
What should I do if an error occurs during the submission of information?>
Too large files usually cause errors. You can compress and upload the files without affecting the clarity.If you still get an error, you can send an email to the Greater China region's Customer Service department to explain the relevant situation or contact your exclusive client service representative.
About Deposit and Withdrawal
What are the ways to deposit and withdraw funds? How long does it take?>
1. The deposit methods include:
1)USDT Deposit funds, instant payment arrival
2)Wire transfer, the arrival time depends on the bank's processing time
2、Withdrawal methods include:
1)UnionPay withdrawal: (quick) on the same working day
(slow) the next day
2)The wire transfer: withdrawal time depends on the bank's processing time.
* In the event of statutory holidays, the time for withdrawal of funds will be postponed according to the bank holiday.
Is there a limit for a single deposit? What is the minimum and maximum deposit?>
The single deposit limit is with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $7000
Can the funds in my trading account be transferred to other clients' trading accounts?>
Can I transfer funds to another account of mine?>
I have taken multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, how should I withdraw funds?>
You can log in to the client portal and choose UnionPay or wire transfer to withdraw funds.
Is there any additional fee or commission for withdrawal? >
When clients withdraw money, R24 does not charge any additional fees or commissions.
About Trading Platforms and Accounts
What account types does R24 have?>
R24 provides four types of accounts: STP ordinary account, VIP account, ECN account, and Affiliate account.
What is the difference between a demo account and a live account?>
When you conduct transactions in the demo account and the live account, they are all carried out in a real trading environment.
The difference is that the deposits and withdrawals funds and trading amounts in the demo account are virtual, and R24 does not provide deposit and withdrawal services in the demo account.
How do I view my trading record?>
You can log in to your account in MT4 and view your trading records in your client portal.
Can I use automatic traders and EAs?>
Who should I contact if I encounter problems during the transaction?>
If you encounter problems during the transaction, you can send an email to the Customer Servicedepartment of Greater China for the first time, or contact your exclusive client service, or you can contact us through the official website client service.
About Trading Tools
What trading software does R24 use? How to download and use?>
R24 provides the most popular MT4 trading software in the international market. You can log in to the official website of R24 and download it.
What multi-account management systems does R24 support? What is the difference?>
R24 supports two multi-account management systems, and the introduction of the two can be viewed by logging in.
How to download and use MAM and MAM&MultiTerminal?>
For more information, please contact client service.
Privacy and Security
Is my trading safe at R24? Is my data protected?>
Your trading activity in R24 is safe. orders go to the market straightly, client funds are isolated and managed, and a top-level fund security environment is provided. At the same time, R24 must collect client certification information, valid ID cards, and recent address proofs, which are only used for client account opening. We strictly protect client privacy.
How to download and use MAM and MAM&MultiTerminal?>
For more information, please contact client service.
How to complain or make suggestions?>
If you have any complaints or suggestions, you can log in to submit your related complaints and suggestions.
How do I withdraw funds from my account?>
To withdraw funds, log into the R24 Client Portal and click “My Funds” and then select “Withdrawal”. Funds must be withdrawn to the initial source of deposit.
If you added a new bank account to withdraw the funds, R24 will require evidence of the account by uploading a bank statement.
How long is the withdrawal process?>
R24 processes your withdrawal requests within one (1) business day if it is with your completed information required. Below is the estimated time to receive your payment accordingly to the payment method used:

Payment Method

Estimated time to receive funds

Southeast Asia Online Banking

1-2 business days

Wire Transfer

3 - 7 business days

What is the minimum withdrawal?>
The minimum withdrawal amount is US$20 (or equivalent denomination).
How can I cancel my withdrawal request?>
To cancel your withdrawal request, please follow the following steps:
1)Access your withdrawal request here, or by entering your trading account and clicking on the “Withdraw” tab.
2)A pop-up message will appear. Use the “Click Here” link to view your withdrawal history.
3)Click on the “Reverse” button which appears next to the withdrawal request. Please note that if your transaction status appears as “In Process,” you will no longer be able to cancel your request.
4)Confirm to cancel the request.
5)All funds, including withdrawal fees, will be immediately returned to your account balance.
How about the withdrawal fees?>
R24 does not charge any fees or commission.
How will my withdrawal request be processed?>
Once the processing of your withdrawal request has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation with details of the payment method used to send your funds. Also, you may click here to view the status of your withdrawal request in your R24 client portal.
How can I transfer my funds to another client’s trading account?>
You are not allowed to transfer funds between different clients’ accounts and involve any third parties.
What are the conditions to open a withdrawal request?>
The minimum amount for withdrawal is US$20.
You must have sufficient withdrawable funds available.
Your account needs to be verified, meaning “Approved” appears on your profile (if you have not yet verified your account, please contact us, and upload the required documents).
Your personal information, payment details, and accompanying documentation are protected by R24’s stringent information security policy.

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