Economic Calendar

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With real-time, actionable macro-economic data, the TC Economic Calendar enables you to easily monitor, anticipate and act on potentially market-moving events. You can get so much more than static charts or impact previews。
You can filter the economic events of 38 countries by its importance or country, track each event in real-time, or take a peek at how similar events previously played out on the price and event chart!

With economic calendar, you can

  • FX Charts tied to Economic Events:With over 115 FX charts mapped to different economic events, you can easily monitor their pairs through real-time pricing and quickly act if needed.
  • Indices tied to Economic Events:Get an abundant list of economic events for 38 countries, mapped to target indices. You can filter for the index of your choice and see the corresponding price and event chart, helping you make timely investment decisions for when the economic event occurs.
  • Historical performance:The “forecast” and “actual” values over the last 5 years are plotted out for each economic event, enabling you to easily discover the historical trend and better understand its influence on the currency.
  • Real-time data:The macro-economic data is tracked and updated in real-time, ensuring you are always acting on the most recent data!

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