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Since its establishment in 2015, R24 FX has been awarded continuously.
This is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, competitive trading conditions and above all an outstanding trading experience.
We are honored by every accolade we receive,
while our dedication to our clients and partners grows stronger with every new award.
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Strategic Cooperation on Multilateral Exchanges in the Middle East and North Africa

The Most PraisedBrobker

Middle East and North Africa multilateral exchange (mmex)

Founded in fujara international free zone (ifza) of UAE, it is located in the heart of fujara, supporting airport, port and shipping center. Located in the center of the world, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most closely connected countries in the world. With the movement of the global economic belt, the United Arab Emirates has become an important central point connecting the East and west economic ties in central and northeast Africa. Mmex is built to connect the multilateral exchanges in the Middle East and North Africa, forming a major part of an important hub to Asia and Europe.

Mena multilateral exchange ("mmex") is a company incorporated in ifza, fujara, UAE, which is governed and supervised. In accordance with the corporate Act 2001, the annual audited financial statements of mmex must be issued. Mmex registered members buy and sell investment in physical precious metal bullion (gold, silver and platinum) in the United Arab Emirates and do not provide or trade "financial products" (as defined by the securities and commodities Regulatory Commission of the United Arab Emirates) through mmex. Mmex does not provide derivatives, nor does mmex have short selling function. No UAE securities and commodities regulatory services licence ("ESCA") is required. We have confirmed this through an independent third party proposal. In addition, according to UAE law, there is no legal requirement for individuals or organizations to buy or sell physical precious metal bullion on mmex, or provide advice on the use of mmex services to buy or sell physical precious metal to hold 'ESCA'. Our customer account agreement (details can be found here) provides contractual terms that bind members and other market participants to participate in our exchanges. As a reporting entity engaged in designated services under the anti money laundering and anti terrorist financing Act 2006 (amlfa), mmex must maintain a comprehensive anti money laundering plan to ensure that all money laundering and terrorist acts are mitigated and reported, as well as fund-raising activities. Mmex has implemented a comprehensive customer due diligence program to identify, validate and monitor its market participants in accordance with the anti money laundering act.

MMEX Supplier column

Precious metal suppliers Country Refinery location Metal Trading Center
Argor-Heraeus Company Switzerland Mendrisio Gold, silver, platinum All trading centers
Heraeus Hong Kong Limited (Heraeus Hong Kong) Hong Kong Fanling Gold, silver, platinum All trading centers
Heraeus Metalworking Company United States Wartburg/Santa Fe Springs Platinum All trading centers
Heraeus Precious Metals Ltd. Germany Hanau Gold, silver, platinum All trading centers
Heraeus Refinery Company South Africa Port Elizabeth Platinum All trading centers
Johnson Matthey Corporation United States Salt Lake City Gold, silver All trading centers
Johnson Matthey Corporation United States West Putford Platinum All trading centers
Johnson Matthey Corporation Limited Canada Brampton Gold, silver All trading centers
Johnson Matthey Public Co., Ltd. United Kingdom Royston Platinum All trading centers
Metalor Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Kwai Chung Gold All trading centers
Metelor Technologies, Inc. Switzerland Marlin Gold, platinum All trading centers
Metalor American Refining Corporation United States North Attleboro Gold All trading centers
NTR Metal United States Dallas Gold, silver All trading centers
Nyrstar (Port Pirie) Holdings Limited Australia Port Pirie Silver All trading centers
Ohio Precious Metals Company United States Ohio Gold, silver All trading centers
Pamp SA (Pamp SA) Switzerland Castel Saint Peter Gold, silver, platinum All trading centers
Rand Refinery (Holdings) Co., Ltd. South Africa Germiston Gold, silver All trading centers
Perth Mint Australia Newborn Gold, silver All trading centers
Valcambi SA, Switzerland Switzerland Balerna Gold, silver, platinum All trading centers
Emirate Gold Corporation (DMCC) United Arab Emirates Dubai Gold Dubai
Etihad Gold Refinery (DMCC) United Arab Emirates Dubai Gold Dubai
*Excluding Bangkok (BK) and Zurich (ZR)

Trading Center

Trading center location Country City Vault provider Transaction currency Trading Center Product code
Australia Adelaide Armaguard AUD AD
Australia Brisbane Armaguard AUD BR
Australia Melbourne Armaguard AUD ME
Australia Perth Armaguard AUD PE
Australia Sydney Armaguard AUD SY
Australia Sydney Malca Amit USD SU
China Shanghai (FTZ) Malca Amit USD SH
Hong Kong Hong Kong Malca Amit USD HK
New Zealand Auckland Armaguard USD AK
Singapore Singapore Malca Amit USD SG
Switzerland Zurich Malca Amit USD ZR
Thailand Bangkok Malca Amit USD BK
Turkey Istanbul Viamat USD IT
United Arab Emirates Dubai Viamat USD DU
United Kingdom London Viamat USD LO
United States New York Malca Amit USD NY

The Middle East and North Africa Multilateral Exchange MENA Multilateral EXchang

MMEX is committed to building the world's leading multilateral exchange for physical precious metals, jewelry, and commodities. Through our pioneering exchange trading platform, the discovery, clearing, warehousing, delivery and distribution of global trading prices are integrated into a standardized and secure online trading environment. The exchange connects all major global precious metals liquidity centers, providing global market participants with a global and integrated exchange, breaking barriers and directly entering an integrated global precious metals wholesale market. Enable them to trade, deliver or store physical precious metals in global locations. Thus introducing a

A new type of centralized clearing, warehousing, delivery and distribution, and cost-effective distribution and transaction systems and standards. URL: www.mmex.me

Risk warning: Forex and CFD products have market risks, and leverage products may not be suitable for all clients. Please read our risk statement and Legal documents and Terms of Business .